It was Saturday morning and I slept in… until 7.30. Then I had business to attend to. Two hours later, I emerged from a haze, still in my PJs, cold coffee on the table next to me, my tongue hanging out like Marnie. I had entered  the depths of my most treasured psychosis: Craigslist’s furniture listings.

I have lived in a great house on the East Side of Austin since May of last year, and it houses all of my belongings (except my Kitchenaid, which lives safely in my parents’ kitchen, in case I ever decide to get domestic). Here’s the exhaustive list of said belongings: a pink vintage couch, a rug, my easel, my 8-year-old Macbook, a stockpot, three wine glasses, Florence the cat, and one plate. That’s it, that’s the list.

Eventually, I knew I’d have to stop living off the hospitality and comparative material wealth of my Austin roommates. That time has come. I’m moving in with my boyfriend next month and here is an exhaustive list of his belongings: A lamp shaped like the Eiffel Tower, a floor lamp, a Chrome messenger bag, and a lot of black clothing. That’s it, that’s the list.

What I’m trying to say is, Sam and I are in need of some stuff. Or, more positively, I am footloose and fancy free to haggle on Craigslist on Saturday morning to my heart’s content. Lately, I’ve been struggling to feel comfortable in my own life, so it makes sense that I have set up shop in fantasies of the future.  It’s less about retail therapy and more about cultivating the excitement of the next phase of my life. Here’s where I’ve been hanging out online.

Apartment Therapy

Oh Apartment Therapy, you cruel mistress. I spend hours looking at your studio tours, envisioning a floor-to-ceiling gallery wall that encompasses our two collections of art and wall-hangables like hats, cork boards, flags, etc. I love to see what people do to pack a punch with 400 square feet, though we will (luckily) be in a bigger 1 bedroom. I find new furniture websites, see a $1400 price tag, cry, and immediately return to Craigslist and limit my search “$0 to $50”. My personal favorite is this Minneapolis studio, with every inch bursting with color.

Amazon wishlists

Window shopping is my main M.O. right now. I know that the orange velvet ottoman I found for $80 on Amazon will be replaced by some chic little $15 number I stumble upon at the fancy Goodwill (not the Lamar one – the other one), but it’s so fun to add all the dream items to a list. If you are feeling generous, my birthday is April 27th.

Craigslist free section

This one’s mostly for the comic relief. Did you know that someone will just GIVE you for FREE, a couch with several thousand holes in it? For zero dollars down and zero dollars monthly? Check it out.


Sam says I’m not allowed to get a pillow covered in rocks and gems, but Society6 begs to differ. I have spent and will spend several hours a week on this black hole of palm trees, evil eyes, and quirky illustrations. So far, I’ve only purchased a beautiful tapestry for above my mustard-colored quilt – but by God, payday is a-comin’. So is my birthday, have I mentioned? Now accepting Society6 gift cards.

∙ ∙ ∙

As of today, we are in Taurus season. I am an atypical Taurus – I am not taken with lush textures or luxurious spa days. I’m more about bright colors and cheap price tags. But I like to think that my nesting instinct comes from some astrological predisposition towards groundedness and comfiness. For now, I’m happy to channel my anxious energy into window shopping and stockpiling as a means of cultivating a rich fantasy life – but holy hell, that 1 bedroom in North Loop better watch out. A hurricane is set to swing through May 31st.

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