Oblique Strategies #2

I am still getting the hang of painting for myself. When I fill a canvas with color, I almost automatically paint a snout or a big brown oval; one thing always leads to another. My second Oblique Strategies painting, which you can read more about here, was based on the command, “Imagine the piece is a set of disconnected events.” I wanted to skip this card and go on to something familiar, but that’s not the idea of my painting experiment. The idea is to find inspiration and challenge in something I have no control over.
I started with half of a yellow border and let it sit for two days – this would help me disconnect from any of my ideas of what “went with” the border. Next I painted a watery coral square that bled into the border. Later came the dashes and stripes, and then the runny green gradient along the bottom. But what would truly be a non-sequitur for this painting? A new texture. I had a ziplock full of googley eyes handy, and the rest is history. Check out my Instagram for a video of the eyes in action, and purchase the painting for $10 on my etsy shop.


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