Water water everywhere

My house is a sparkling water graveyard. I popped open the recycling bin to throw in some junk mail and was met with the cruel reality of my addiction: 1.5 liter Topo Chico carcusses; crinkled HEB Sparkling Water cans; and the rare but special pamplemousse La Croix (pronounced La Croy, fight me!) corpse. RIP little buddies.

Since November, I’ve put a huge focus on what I’m drinking, upping my water game and cutting out my already spare soda and processed juice. I use the Fitbit water tracker to visualize my water goal and to feel like a goddamn water-drinking champion. Here’s what I’ve learned:

1. Water is often more effective than afternoon coffee to keep me moving

Lately I feel like I can’t make it past 1 without some caffeine. I drink 3 cups of coffee in the morning, and adding any more into the mix seems a little reckless. I’ve been experimenting with drinking a ton of water after lunch to keep me going and so far it’s worked pretty well. What I want from caffeine is the feeling of a fresh mind, but an afternoon cup of coffee usually leaves me a little muddy. Water leaves me feeling a lot more refreshed. Also, it’s free.

2. Sparkling water as a regular treat is worth the money, because it keeps me away from coffee and soda

Buying 1.5 liter Topo Chicos from convenience stores is getting kind of expensive, compared to, ya know, filling up a bottle of water from the tap. I find that stopping on my work breaks to grab a sparkling water feels like the treat that sneaking off to grab some candy once was for me. Sparkling water keeps me away from coffee, which heightens my anxiety; soda, which has a ton of sugar; and other snacky treats that are mostly unnecessary and devoid of nutritional value for my precious bod. Long live the 1.5 liter Topo Chico.

3. Drinking water can be hard to remember to do during a busy work day, so I pound some before I leave for work

I’m an archivist, which is a fun and cool job that I love, but it means I can’t bring my drinks to my desk with me, unless I want to ruin some historical documents with my romcom-level clumsiness. So, if I want to drink water, I have to take little breaks, and I often get wrapped up with other things and forget. To head this off, I’ve started my rule of three: I drink three tall glasses of water before I get to work in the morning. The first I have with my morning coffee. The second I have when I’m doing my make-up. The third I have in the car with me – I take huge, ladylike gulps at stoplights. This is why I looked like I peed my pants that one day when I got to work. I’m devoted to this ritual.

On the flipside of the water-drinking coin is cocktail hour, a fair-weather friend with which I’m still making peace. I’ll share my relationship with alcohol and what I learned about taking a couple of weeks off from drinking soon. Until then, I’ll be here with my Topo Chico.


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