Have you read my blog?

“You should start yoga!” said just about everyone.

Yoga is a centering activity that stretches and strengthens the body and soothes the mind… unless you’re me. If you’re me, yoga is a stressful activity that allows strangers to see how little control you have over your own body.

Yoga was one suggestion during the rough patch that was my June and July of 2016. There was also gardening (too many factors at play, too many allergies); journaling (feelings? That’s what Peach is for); more therapy (they should give me a frequent flyer discount); swimming; Crossfit; Dungeons and Dragons; Tinder; NOT Tinder; melatonin; tea. All of these suggestions, as well-meant as the last, were not quite what I needed.

In my past, I had gotten extremely good at self-care. I painted. I ran. I slept 8 hours. I went to therapy. I cooked new dishes. I made smoothies. I said no. I said yes. I was gentle with myself. By 2016, those muscles had melted into cooked noodles. When I hit an obstacle in my relationship and found myself temporarily unpartnered, I looked around for my old practices but found ghosts. Where there were once smoothies, there was wine. Where there was once alone time, there was marathon socializing. Where there was once running, there was a short walk to spend 5 more dollars on fizzy water. So much fizzy water. My body and my mind were mushy, undisciplined, and unkempt.

The rough patch became a smooth patch, the relationship repaired and filled with new dynamism – but I am left missing my old practices. One of my most beloved self-care activities was my blog, make. It helped me stay motivated in my creative endeavors and it helped me connect with people I loved and people I didn’t yet know.

Blogs are cheesy – Blogs have become the “have you listened to my band?” of the internet. But for me, a blog was a tool to share my writing, push myself, and keep track of my progress. So here I am. Have you read my blog?

Somewhere between weekly and daily, I’ll be using this space as a chronicle of my efforts in self-care. Thanks but no thanks to yoga.

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